Inglés A1 (1ª parte)




UD1. Haciendo nuevos amigos (making new friends).

    1.1. What´s your name?.
    1.2. Where are you from?.
    1.3. How old are you?.
    1.4. People and things.

UD2. Obteniendo información (getting information).

    2.1. She´s spanish.
    2.2. Are you married?.
    2.3. Personal details.
    2.4. Where are things?.

UD3. Mi familia (my family).

    3.1. Introducing my family.
    3.2. Christmas together.
    3.3. Whose is this?.
    3.4. Festivals.

UD4. Descripciones (descriptions).

    4.1. Do you want the hamburger big or small?.
    4.2. I live in spain.
    4.3. What do you do in your free time?.
    4.4. What´s this?.

UD5. ¿Cómo es ella? (what is she like?).

    5.1. I love her eyes.
    5.2. He is too shy.
    5.3. My friend likes sports a lot.
    5.4. Meeting my neighbour.

UD6. Un día en el trabajo (a day at work).

    6.1. What do you do?.
    6.2. An important meeting.
    6.3. Where does your mother work?.
    6.4. Your ideal job.

UD7. De compras (going shopping).

    7.1. At the grocer´s.
    7.2. Can i pay with credit card?.
    7.3. Would you like to try it on?.
    7.4. Can i help you?.

UD8. Me encanta la ropa (i love clothes).

    8.1. What are you wearing tonight?.
    8.2. Special occasions.
    8.3. I like them!.
    8.4. It fits you lovely!.

UD9. ¿Qué puedo comer? (what can i eat?).

    9.1. Shall we eat out today?.
    9.2. I like fish!.
    9.3. Explaining a recipe.
    9.4. Make a reservation.



  • Conocer las distintas preposiciones del idioma Inglés.
  • Aprender sobre los adverbios y pronombres.
  • Realizar un aprendizaje para los tiempos gramaticales de present simple y past simple.